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The Brown Girl Paper Company IFWOC Crowdfunding Campaign    —    HAPPENING NOW - NOV 9, 2021

On left: Image of Tyeast Quick with text reading "I'm crowdfunding on iFundWomen! Tyeast Quick, Founder, The Brown Girl Paper Company". On right: Image of all WOC owned-businesses part of IFUNDWOMEN of Color Crowdfunding Accelerator Program

At the beginning of the summer, I was accepted into @IFundWomen of Color’s first ever Crowdfunding Accelerator Program—a three-month program that takes WOC-owned businesses through the IFundWomen Method to help us prepare, launch, and execute successful crowdfunding campaigns.

I’ve learned SO MUCH this summer and I am now raising capital to expand my business.

You can fund my crowdfunding campaign via this link:


Featured On Spectrum News 1

'Holiday Cards Geared Toward Black Culture'    —    DEC 23, 2020

"CINCINNATI — Meet Tyeast Quick, the founder of Brown Girl Paper Company. Lately, she's been working on designing one of her newest holiday cards.

“I started the company to honor people of color — specifically women of color,” said Quick. “I wanted to add more choices for women of color. I wanted to add more choices and voices to the world of stationery.”

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